What vitamins can protect prostate health?

To maintain their prostate healthy, some men rely on vitamins to support prostate health. We discuss the vitamins below.

How do you protect your prostate?

All men, regardless of age, should protect their prostate health by all means. This is to minimize the risks of acquiring prostate cancer and other prostate health-related conditions.

Keep on reading and discover interesting information on the best vitamins for prostate health. Remember, prevention is better than cure. And, remember also that prostate health supplement can make a genuine difference in your life.

The best vitamins for prostate health.

1. Vitamin E. Oxidation is a naturally occurring process that happens in the body, as we get older. Unfortunately, this may result in mutated or damaged cells, potentially in the prostate.

Vitamin E is a known source of antioxidants, which can play a vital role in reducing the adverse effects that free radicals may have in the body.  

2. Vitamin B6 is often referred to as the superstar catalyst for its suggested benefits in enhancing the efficacy of other vitamins in the body.

As you get older, the effects of oxidation may negatively impact your prostates ability to perform optimally, so improving the overall level of nutrient performance is essential.

3. Vitamin D has many important health benefits regarding prostate health, including assistance in relieving symptoms of BPH (enlarged prostate), prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome, and prostate cancer.

The nutrient also performs many critical roles in the body, such as help in building strong bones by assisting in the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus, and maintaining proper nerve function.


The body is in need of multivitamins. But the three vitamins above are the most required to maintain prostate health.

Fatty fish can be good source of vitamin D. Other options include salmon, trout, mackerel and tuna.

Sunlight is in fact also a source of vitamin D. So, spending more time outdoors in the morning is highly recommended.

Meanwhile, for obtaining vitamin E and vitamin B6 easily, you can take ProstatePlus – a supplement by Vita Balance that is designed to support prostate health.

ProstatePlus is very rich in vitamin E and vitamin B6, it also contains other beneficial natural ingredients including nettle, green tea, cat’s claw and saw palmetto.

ProstatePlus is a supplement that you can truly rely on to keep your prostate healthy!

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