What are the real causes of low libido in females?

Loss of sexual desire is women’s biggest sexual problem, and it’s not all in their heads. Find out here the real causes of low libido in females.

According to a study, about 43 percent of women (compared to 31 percent of men) suffer sexual inadequacy for one reason or another. Interestingly, this is thought to actually underestimate the real level of sexual dysfunction in the US!

Low libido is a serious problem for women. Unfortunately, it can come about from many different causes. Fortunately, with a low stress life style and nutrient-rich, healing diet, you can overcome most of the causes without even really trying.

Knowing what causes low libido in females can help you even further.

Symptoms of low sexual desire.

  1. Lack of sexual thoughts.
  2. Lack of sexual desire that cannot be attributed to any other physical or psychiatric condition, nor to any medications.
  3. Distress due to lack of sexual thoughts or desire.
  4. Strain on relationship with partner due to lack of sexual thoughts or desire.

What are the actual causes of low libido in females?

There are many things that can cause low libido in female, but they can be summarized into four factors: physical factor, psychological factor, hormonal factor and relationship factor.

  1. Physical factor: sexual problems, medical diseases, the use of medications, bad lifestyle habits, surgery and fatigue.
  2. Psychological factor: mental health problems (such as anxiety or depression), stress, poor body image, low self-esteem, history of physical or sexual abuse and previous negative sexual experiences.
  3. Hormonal factor: menopause, pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  4. Relationship factor: lack of connection with your partner, unresolved conflicts or fights, poor communication of sexual needs and preferences, trust issues.

Putting the desire back in women sex lives.

Changing lifestyle, thinking positively, reducing stress levels, eating healthy foods, doing regular exercises and improving relationship are the only ways to put desire back in women sex lives.

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What are the real causes of low libido in females?