VigRXDelaySpray: a magic spray for longer erection

If you’re facing troubles lasting in bed, VigRXDelaySpray is a product you should use. This is a spray for making you last longer in bed and rock your wife!

VigRXDelaySpray is one of the products in the VigRX product line. Other products on the line are VigRXPlus and VigRXOil. In this post, however, we’ll focus to discuss VigRXDelaySpray.

About VigRXDelaySpray.

This is a spray that helps in desensitizing the penis so that you last longer than two or three minutes. This is a desensitizer for males that contains a very mild anesthetic that works towards delaying your sexual response but doesn’t interfere with the satisfaction of having an orgasm or pleasure out of sex.

Sex isn’t only about pleasing yourself, but rather about your partner’s needs and wants. Lasting longer in bed will not only improve your sexual pleasure and power of the orgasm, but your partner will also experience a heightened sense of sexual satisfaction.

How VigRXDelaySpray works?

The spray works because it contains a mild anesthetic called benzocaine, which has a history of use in the production of well-known “endurance condoms.” The anesthetic inhibits voltage-dependent sodium channels located on nerve membranes within the penile tissue, thus ceasing the propagation of action potential. Basically, this action relaxes the nerves of the manhood.

The fast-acting formula allows men to prolong their sexual performance without ejaculating too quickly. What makes this product different is the way that a user is in charge of how long he lasts. The more you spray, the longer you last.

VigRXDelaySpray formula.

The secret to the success and popularity of the VigRXDelaySpray comes down to its natural and one of a kind formula. Firstly, this spray contains Ethyl Aminobenzoate which is often used in male delay products due to its mild, natural and safe numbing properties.

It also contain a number of popular herbal extracts found in the male enhancement industry such as Panax Ginseng Root Extract and Ginkgo Biloba Root Extract, which are known to help strengthen and firm the skin.

The benefits of VigRXDelaySpray.

  1. Delay your orgasm.
  2. Enjoy longer intimacy.
  3. Have more pleasure.
  4. Help her climax.
  5. Works quickly.

How to use this natural spray for longer erection.

VigRXDelaySpray is simple to use, making it ideal to take with you wherever you go. To use, 10 minutes before intimacy simply spray 1-3 applications onto the penis and rub into the shaft and glans. Wash the penis thoroughly before oral sex and do not apply to broken or irritated skin.


VigRXDelaySpray is an excellent quality product that’s been manufactured in accordance with strict health and safety regulations.

It is fast-acting and easy to apply, making it many men’s ideal choice for a desensitizer. It’s time that you put behind those embarrassing days and brought a revolutionary change to blossom sex and romance in your life.

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VigRXDelaySpray: a magic spray for longer erection