Unele medicamente care acționează sub formă de libidoului feminin

femeile normale trebuie să dorească satisfacția sexuală, dar unele dintre ele își pierd unitatea lor de sex. În această situație, medicamentele pot fi utilizate pentru a acționa ca amelioratori libidoului de sex feminin.

Ce este un libidoului de sex feminin?

Mulți oameni devin confuzi atunci când libidoul cuvântul este rostit, și sunt de plumb să creadă că este un organ sau o parte ascunsă a corpului rar vorbit. Un libidoului de sex feminin este de fapt doar un alt cuvânt pentru unitate de sex feminin.

Acesta este întregul pachet de unitate de sex unei femei de a spune. libidoul unei femei poate fi sănătoasă sau ea poate suferi de un libido scăzut, ceea ce poate provoca multe probleme sexuale, cum ar fi probleme cu excitare, probleme cu orgasmul si multe altele.

Unele dintre lucrurile pe care poate estompa libidoul feminin.

  • Probleme fizice, inclusiv modificari hormonale legate de menopauza sau de naștere, sau probleme cu glanda tiroidă.
  • Chronic stress, including in your relationship.
  • Depression or other mental health issues.
  • Some prescription drugs may also affect libido, including some types of antidepressants, birth control pills, anti-anxiety drugs, and blood pressure medications.

It’s usually not just one thing. These issues can affect each other.

Medicines to work as female libido enhancers.

Your doctor will want to review the medicines you’re already taking, to see if any of them tend to cause sexual side effects.

For example, antidepressants such as paroxetine (Paxil) and fluoxetine (Prozac, Sarafem) may lower sex drive. Switching to bupropion (Wellbutrin SR, Wellbutrin XL) — a different type of antidepressant — usually improves sex drive and is sometimes prescribed for HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder).

Along with counseling, your doctor may prescribe a medication called flibanserin (Addyi) to boost your libido. It’s the first Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved treatment for premenopausal women with HSDD.

You take the pill once a day, before you go to bed. Side effects include low blood pressure, dizziness, nausea and fatigue. Drinking alcohol or taking fluconazole (Diflucan), a common medication to treat vaginal yeast infections, can make these side effects worse.

The alternatives to medicines.

The best alternatives to medicines to work as female libido enhancers are natural supplements. But what’s the right supplement you should take?

Our recommendation is FertilityBlend for Women by Daily Wellness Company. Although this supplement is more intended to improve fertility, but in fact, FertilityBlend is also very powerful for enhancing libido.

So what are the ingredients in FertilityBlend that boost libido and fertility in women? The herb, Vitex (chasteberry), increases hormone balance, improve sex drive and enhances ovulation frequency. The amino acid, L-arginine, helps to improve circulation in sexual and reproductive areas.

There are also green tea, vitamin E, and selenium that help to repair oxidative damage due to aging and the environment.

Other ingredients are vitamins B6 and B12, as well as iron, zinc, folic acid and magnesium, they address deficiencies, promoting sexual and fertility health.

FertilityBlend’s development is based on published scientific studies of nutritional components that truly benefit fertility and sex drive, also have a safe history of usage.

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