Three main signs that a woman has climaxed

In this article, we’ll be explaining some of the signs that can help you tell if a woman has climaxed.

Sexual climax is also known as orgasm. It is most often caused by stimulation of the genitals. Orgasm is controlled by the involuntary nervous system, which means that the signs and bodily actions that occur during orgasm are not under voluntary control.

Orgasm, which is experienced by women (and men), results in a feeling of euphoria as well as other signs, such as muscle contraction.

What are the signs that a woman has climaxed?

1. Classic signs. She starts making noise that she wasn’t making before, and then suddenly gets quiet and holds you close to her. We’d say this is a reasonably clear sign of climax for most women.

2. Best signs. Some women just have a thing they do when they come. It could be shaking, sneezing, laughing, tensing her stomach up. But if you know her well enough, you’ll know.

3. Biological signs. There are a few biological signs that a woman is aroused and has climaxed.

  • Her pupils dilate.
  • Her face and chest flush.
  • Her vagina becomes more lubricated: slightly more helpful, though she’s probably already quite lubricated.

How to help a woman to climax more easily?

Those are three signals that a woman has climaxed. If now you want to know what can help a woman to get orgasm more easily, then consider YesOB (YES oil-based lubricant).

YesOB is a silky smooth organic lubricant which comes in an oil based formula. The lubricant is odorless, tasteless and absorbed into the body without causing any side effects as they contain natural ingredients.

YES oil-based lubricant can be used as an intimate lubricant externally and internally, and as a massage oil. Organic ingredients include:

  • Shea butter and cocoa butter for smoothness.
  • Sweet almond oil and sunflower oil for silky texture and moisturisation.
  • Beeswax.
  • Vitamin E, which benefits the skin and acts as a preservative.

Hypoallergenic and richly nourishing, this natural oil-based lubricant is perfect for extended sexual activity. YesOB can also help a woman and her man to reach more intense orgasms during sexual intercourse.

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Three main signs that a woman has climaxed