Savjet Kako koristiti vaginalni lubrikant za prvi put

Korištenje lubrikanta čini svaka vrsta seksa igrati kauboj i često osjetljiviji. Ovaj post je o tome kako koristiti vaginalne lubrikant za prvi put.

Mazivo je neopjevan junak seksa. Ne postoji ograničenje na ono što možete dodati u seksu. I Nope, ne morate biti u postmenopauzi klanjati na KY oltara – mazivo je za doslovno sve. A tu su i tone od načina da ga koriste!

Kako koristiti vaginalni lubrikant za prvi put.

Korištenje lubrikanta je jednostavno i omogućuje nekom seksi zaigranosti, jednom kada dobijete dokučiti ga.

  1. Podmazivanje izbor je individualna stvar. Ako pokušavate lubrikanti po prvi put, kupiti male količine i pokušajte ih za neko vrijeme. Uzmite si vremena kako bi pronašli lubrikant koji radi za vas i vašeg partnera.
  2. Keep your lube near your bed, where you can find and reach it easily. Carry sachets in your purse or car to be ready for spontaneous romance.
  3. With most lubes, a quarter-sized dollop is about the average amount needed for nice, slippery penetration, but check the instructions that come with the lube you choose. Some go further than others.
  4. To avoid a cold shock, squirt the lube onto your hands first. Rub them together, and then apply to your body or your partner’s, or to your toy. You can warm your lube in a mug of hot water (not in the microwave–too easy to burn yourself).
  5. Take a moment to note whether the lubricant worked for you and your partner–or not. And if it didn’t, try more, less, or a different product. Lubricants are the easiest way to overcome discomfort–and add some playfulness to intimacy.

YesOB: organic lubricant that is perfect for you.

Almost all lubricants work effectively to enhance pleasure and performance during sex. However, YesOB is special because this lubricant is totally natural, organic and plant-based.

YES Oil-Based Personal Lubricant is kind to your skin and the environment. It boasts a luxurious plant-oil based formula which is nourishing and gentle on the skin giving lasting lubricity and comfort.

Thoroughly researched and responsibly formulated, YES lubricant boasts a range of original, effective and certified organic ingredients to pamper and nourish your skin. Elegantly and discreetly packaged, YES has the power to change your world from the inside.

YES lubricant contains no parabens, glycerine, hormones or known skin irritants making them great for those with allergies and skin sensitivities.

How to use YesOB.

Apply a small dab of lubricant to the genitals immediately before intercourse or intimate play. Once absorbed by the skin, the natural oils will contribute to a healthy PH balance and leave the skin feeling soft, supple and sensuous.

The lubricant can be easily washed away, however its natural and organic makeup ensures that it will prove beneficial for your skin and will cause no damage or irritation if left applied.

Yes OB