Question importante pour les hommes: quelle est la virilité masculine?

Virilité a une grande importance pour presque tous les hommes. Nous allons essayer d’explorer plus profondément au sujet ici la virilité, à commencer par répondre à ce que le sens de la virilité masculine est.

Qu’est-ce que la virilité masculine?

Le virility mot est dérivé du latin vir, homme. Virility fait référence à un quelconque d’une large gamme de caractéristiques masculines considérée comme positive.

des moyens viriles « marqués par la force ou la force ». Virilité est souvent associée à la vigueur, la santé, la solidité et de la constitution, en particulier dans la paternité des enfants. Dans ce dernier sens, aux hommes est la virilité que la fertilité est aux femmes.

En général, les attributs masculins tels que la croissance de la barbe ont été vus comme des signes de virilité et de leadership.

Virilité peut diminuer selon l’âge et l’état de santé.

As men develop grey hair and creaky joints as they hit middle age, from the age of 40, their blood vessels start to age, affecting their virility. The blood vessels become furred with fatty deposits, impeding blood flow to the penis.

This lack of blood also means that some of the tissue around the vessels becomes deprived of oxygen – another trigger for erectile dysfunction.

Before the age of 40, less than 10 per cent of men have concerns about their erections – after that, more than 50 per cent complain of problems, and it is a worry for the vast majority of the over-70s.

Another problem is that from the 40s onwards, testosterone levels drop because the testicles aren’t able to produce as much of it.

Increasing virility also means improving your health.

You need to know that virility reveals how healthy you are. A drastic virility decline at the age of 40 is probably caused by the unhealthy lifestyle during young age.

However, when you take steps to increase your virility, at the same time you have also taken steps to improve your health.

Increasing virility can’t be separated from the commitment to a healthy lifestyle that includes consumption of nutritious foods, regular physical exercise, stress management, enough sleep and supplementation.

Supplementation is needed because the foods that you consume every day may not provide enough vitamins and minerals for your body.

Best supplement for virility.

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There are so many ingredients in the Semenax formula, so we’ll touch on some of the highlights here:

  • Swedish flower pollen is used as a natural aid for an enlarged prostate.
  • L-arginine has been shown to as much as double semen volume. It also improves erections size and hardness.
  • L-lysine and zinc help increase sperm and testosterone production.
  • Epimedium sagittatum increases libido and erection quality.
  • L-carnitine improves semen quality with increased sperm concentration.
  • Catuaba bark and maca are powerful herbal aphrodisiacs.
  • Pumpkin seed supports prostate health.

The recommended dosage is 2 pills twice daily. You should notice results in one to two weeks, but the recommendation is that you continue to take Semenax for at least 60 to 90 days to achieve best results.

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Question importante pour les hommes: quelle est la virilité masculine?