Penile sensitivity cream for greater sexual pleasure

Some men feel that their penises are not as sensitive as they’d like. What they need is a penile sensitivity cream for enhancing pleasure during sex.

If you can’t fully enjoy sex and don’t have enough feeling in vaginal penetration, your penis is definitely insensitive. Penis insensitivity usually occurs when a man begins to age.

The main causes of insensitive penis.

The main cause of decreasing sensitivity with age is worsening peripheral nerve function. High blood sugar is something that accelerates this. There are some vitamins and supplements that improve nerve function that may help with this (and diabetic neuropathy).

There are also some ‘foreskin substitute’ products (or things you can make) to protect the glans from rubbing against clothing. Men have said wearing them for a few weeks makes a noticeable difference in increased sensitivity.

Foreskin restoration.

One option to increase penis sensitivity is by growing out a foreskin restoration. All you have to do to stimulate skin growth is apply gentle tension to the skin regularly.

There are devices made that help to do this (“tuggers”), but if there’s not enough loose skin to use a device, you have to stretch it out manually at first (for a couple weeks to months).

It usually takes between six months and a couple years to grow all the new skin. But it starts making the penis much more sensitive as soon as there’s enough skin to cover the ridge of the glans.

MaxSize: a penile sensitivity cream for you.

If you want the easiest way to increase the sensitivity of your penis, then use MaxSize – a product that is made by MD Science Labs.

Take small amount of MaxSize cream and massage it onto your penis. Gently massage the cream using your fingertips. The ingredients will quickly get absorbed into the blood stream through skin without leaving any messy oily residue behind.

MaxSize Male Enhancement Cream helps men boost stamina, strength and endurance, while increasing penile sensitivity. For optimal results, apply the cream on your penis shaft just 30 minutes before sexual activity.

With regular use, you can boost performance and endurance, while enhancing penis sensitivity and sexual stamina.