Osnovni vitamini za povećanje sperma count i pokretljivost

Povećanjem njihove unos tri bitne vitamine, muškarci mogu poboljšati broj spermija i pokretljivost spermija.

Postoje mnoge prirodne načine za borbu protiv neplodnosti kod muškaraca. Na primjer, stručnjaci ukazuju na to da ljudi usvoje zdrave prehrane, povećanje njihove dnevne vježbe, dobiti puno sna, smanjenje stresa, i izbjegavajte okoliša toksina koji uzrokuju probleme plodnosti.

Nadalje, postoje određene vitamine koji će pomoći ljudima da povećaju svoju kvalitetu sperme.

Tri bitne vitamine povećati kvalitetu sperme.

1. Selen je mineral u tragovima koji štiti stanice od oksidativnog oštećenja i korisno za funkciju spermija i plodnost. Selen poboljšava formacije sperme, količinu, kvalitetu, strukture, pokretljivost, i funkciju.

The epididymis, the tube through which sperm pass from the testicle through the penis, needs selenium to function properly.

Selenium deficiency has been linked to male infertility, while selenium supplementation in men has been shown to improve pregnancy rates.

2. Vitamin C is an important anti-oxidant that helps prevent sperm defects and boosts sperm motility. Studies have shown that lower levels of vitamin C lead to infertility and increased damage to the sperm’s genetic material.

Vitamin C has a legacy of providing many health benefits, and it is just as helpful for boosting fertility as it is at boosting immunity.

3. Zinc is found in high concentrations in male sex organs and sperm. Zinc is necessary for making the outer membrane and tail of the sperm, and for sperm to mature properly.

Zinc deficiency has been linked to low sperm counts and testosterone levels. Exposure to stress, cigarette smoke, pollution, and alcohol can deplete zinc.

Zinc supplements have been shown to improve sperm count, motility, form, function, quality, and fertilizing capacity.

How to easily increase the intake of essential vitamins.

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