Mandlig infertilitet behandling, der beskæftiger sig med nogen sædkvalitet

Azoospermi er en mandlig fertilitet problem, der opstår, når der er næsten ingen sædceller i en mands sæd. Er der nogen behandling for mandlig infertilitet, der beskæftiger sig med ingen sædkvalitet?

Hvad betyder “ingen sædkvalitet” betyder?

Azoospermi er til stede i 2% af den generelle mandlige befolkning, og er en hyppig medvirkende faktor mod manglende evne til at blive gravide.

Per definition Azoospermi betyder, at en mand ikke har en målbar mængde af sædceller i hans sæd. Betingelsen er typisk diagnosticeret, når en patient og deres partner oplever vanskeligt at blive gravid og søge test og diagnose fra en frugtbarhed specialist.

Hvad er årsagen til Azoospermi?

Der er tre hovedtyper af azoospermi:

1. Pretesticular azoospermia: Your testicles are normal, but your body can’t get them to make sperm. It might happen because of low hormone levels or after you’ve had chemotherapy. This type is pretty rare.

2. Testicular azoospermia: Damage to your testicles keeps them from making sperm normally. It can happen because of:An infection in your reproductive tract, such as epididymitis and urethritis.

  • A childhood illness such as viral orchitis, which causes swelling of one or both testicles.
  • A groin injury.
  • Cancer or its treatments, like radiation.
  • Genetic conditions, such as Klinefelter’s syndrome.

3. Post-testicular azoospermia: Your testicles make normal sperm, but something keeps them from getting out, like:

  • A blockage in the tubes that carry sperm from your testicles to your penis. This is called obstructive azoospermia.
  • A vasectomy.
  • Retrograde ejaculation, when semen goes into your bladder instead of out of your penis during an orgasm.

About 40% of men with azoospermia have the post-testicular type.

The options of male infertility treatment that deal with no sperm count.

Treatment options for azoospermia are entirely dependent on the type and cause of the condition. If the no sperm count is caused by a blockage then your doctor can attempt to remove the source of this blockage through a surgical procedure.

If the issue is more hormonal in nature, then your doctor may prescribe medications to correct hormonal balances or clear up and infection.

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