Livsstil endringer for å øke sperm count for graviditet

Denne artikkelen handler om livsstil, vitaminer og tilskudd for å øke en manns sperm count og forbedre muligheten til å lage sin kvinnelige partner gravid.

Om sædkvalitet og kvalitet.

Halvparten av alle ufruktbarhet hindringer bidratt med menn. Mannlig ufruktbarhet forbundet med lavt sædcelletall er knyttet til usunn livsstil og vitamin eller sinkmangel, noe som betyr at livsstil og noen endring i kostholdet kan bidra til å skyte opp spermier.

Noen ganger, kvaliteten på sæden har også en innvirkning på fruktbarheten. Menn med lav sædkvalitet kan fortsatt være fruktbar hvis deres sperm er i utmerket stand. Sperm er sårbare for skader fra frie radikaler, som påvirker dens levedyktighet. Så, ha en god sædkvalitet er ikke bra hvis kvaliteten på sæden er dårlig.

However, healthy lifestyle and diet can improve the semen quality and protect the sperm’s count and viability.

Lifestyle and dietary changes to increase sperm count for pregnancy.

A significant cause of male infertility is something called ‘free radical damage’. Free radicals are toxic metabolites produced by normal processes in our bodies.  However, they are also produced through exposure to certain environmental factors.

These highly reactive molecules damage cells, and an excess of free radicals in semen is also responsible for damaging sperm, which can lead to infertility and miscarriage.

Excess free radicals can be caused by poor diet, tobacco and alcohol consumption, illness and stress. They can also be caused by exposure to pollutants and chemicals in the environment.

Below are some tips on what you can do to fight free radical damage and improve the health of your sperm:

  1. Lose weight. Losing weight if you’re overweight is one of the single-most effective things you can do to increase sperm count.
  2. Exercise. Even if you don’t need to lose weight, staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle can help boost your sperm count.
  3. Take your vitamins. Some types of vitamins, including vitamins B12, C, and E are important for sperm health.
  4. Avoid substance abuse. Low sperm counts and unhealthy sperm have been linked to people with a history of: heavy drinking, tobacco use of any kind and illegal drug use.
  5. Wear loose, cotton boxers. Keeping your sperm at an adequate temperature and allowing lots of air flow to the scrotum can help cultivate the right environment for healthy sperm.

Those are five important tips for a man to increase his sperm count and quality for pregnancy.

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Livsstil endringer for å øke sperm count for graviditet