Jak, aby se vaše spermie zdravé těhotenství

Téměř polovina všech problémů s plodností jsou spojeny s problémy spermií. Zde jsou tipy, jak, aby se vaše spermie zdravé a silné těhotenství.

Nekvalitní spermie, nízké motility spermií, špatná spermie morfologie a nízký počet spermií jsou hlavní přispívající příčiny potratů a tvoří téměř polovinu všech případů neplodnosti.

Tak, jak se vaše spermie zdravé a silné těhotenství? Před odpovědí na otázku, pojďme se podívat na to, co by bylo možné přispět k tomuto náhlému poklesu kvality a množství spermií:

  • Nadužívání mobil: Muži, kteří hovořili o mobilní komunikaci na více než čtyři hodiny denně, měli nižší kvalitu spermií, včetně pomalejších plavců.
  • Získat baculaté: Ti, kteří byli obézní také podstatně méně spermií.
  • Expose himself: A prospective dad needs to take care with chemicals, especially if he’s a painter, printer, firefighter, agricultural worker or janitor. A review of 10 years of studies linked these occupations to birth defects.
  • Do recreational drugs: Cocaine may actually adhere to sperm without hampering its ability to fertilize an egg, increasing the chances that a child may be affected by the father’s drug use.
  • Drink too much: Heavy drinking is linked with decreased sperm formation and function.
  • Too darn hot: Sperm thrive at normal body temperature. Wearing tight briefs hikes the heat in the scrotum, possibly suppressing sperm production.

Good ways how to make sperm healthy for pregnancy.

  1. Avoid chemical toxins. If you plan on trying to conceive, you should do your best to avoid chemical toxins. In case you work with these chemicals, always use protective clothing and a face mask, and makethe place ventilated.
  2. Pay attention to weight. To maintain a healthy weight, follow a healthy diet with a mix of dairy, grains, lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits and be sure to take physical activities.
  3. Avoid smoking. You should try to quit as soon as possible to make your sperm healthier. In addition to quitting smoking, you should also stop using other drugs including marijuana.
  4. Limit the amount of alcohol. Although men don’t have to completely give up beer, they should limit the intake as alcohol has been linked to sperm abnormalities and a decrease in production.
  5. Exercise regularly. It can be challenging to find an exercise routine you can maintain, but when you can make it, you will have an increase in sperm production. Exercise releases testosterone and this helps the sperm production.
  6. Lessen stress. Try to relax during the day and keep both your body and mind healthy. Remember that stress hormones block the cells that regulate testosterone and if you are over-stressed, your body may stop sperm production.
  7. Keep cool. The testicles need to stay cool because sperm production can occur just at a specific temperature. Actions that lead to overheating can decrease sperm production. This means that you should avoid going to steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs more than twice a week for 15 minute sessions.

The last thing you should do to make your sperm healthy and strong for pregnancy is eating well. Foods that you eat every day need to contain specific vitamins and minerals required for fertility.

If you get difficulty to obtain the best vitamins and minerals from your daily diet, there is FertilityBlend for Men to help you.

FertilityBlend for Men is a supplement from Daily Wellness Company that has plentiful clinically evidences that suggest its benefits in promoting male fertility.

The components in FertilityBlend for Men include:

  • The amino acid, L-carnitine – crucial to form healthy sperm.
  • Vitamins C and E, green tea and selenium – powerful antioxidants that increase sperm counts.
  • Ferulic acid – an antioxidant that has been proven to improve sperm quality.
  • Zinc, B vitamins (B6, B12 and folate) – important nutrients for hormone metabolism, formation of sperm and sperm motility.

Take 3-4 capsules of FertilityBlend every day with food for a month. In the next months, you only need to take at least 2 capsules daily. After 3 months, you will notice significant results. Your sperm becomes healthier and stronger to make a pregnancy occurs in a woman!

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