Dwa rodzaje chirurgii implantów piersi

Istnieją dwa główne typy operacji implantów piersi dostępne w USA – sól fizjologiczna i żel silikonowy. Przekonajmy się ich różnice.

Implanty piersi soli fizjologicznej.

Implanty piersi soli fizjologicznej wypełniona sterylnym słonej wody. W przypadku nieszczelności powłoki implantu, implant solanka upadnie i solankę zostanie wchłonięta, a w sposób naturalny wydalony przez organizm.

Implanty piersi Saline zapewnić jednolity kształt, jędrność i czują i są FDA – zatwierdzone do powiększania u kobiet w wieku 18 lat lub starszych.

silikonowych implantów piersi.

Implanty piersi silikonowy wypełniony żelem silikonowym. Żel czuje się trochę bardziej naturalnej tkanki piersi. Jeśli implant przecieków, żel może pozostawać w obrębie powłoki implantu lub może wydostać się do kieszeni implantu sutka. Ulatniający implantu wypełniona żelem silikonowym nie zapadnie.

If you choose silicone implants, you may need to visit your plastic surgeon regularly to make sure the implants are functioning properly. An ultrasound or MRI screening can assess the condition of breast implants.

Silicone breast implants are FDA-approved for augmentation in women age 22 or older.

What are the risks with breast implant surgery?

Both silicone gel or saline are connected with serious risks or diseases. There are also long-term implications. Here are some of the breast implant safety issues that you need to consider:

  • The need for further surgeries. If you get breast implants and want to maintain your breast size and shape for the rest of your life, you should be prepared to have a number of additional surgeries.
  • Irreversibility. Breast implants may permanently alter your breast tissue. If you decide to have the implants removed, your breasts may not return to the shape they had before the surgery. Your breasts may stay dimpled or wrinkled.
  • Changes in appearance and sensation. Breast implants can cause a loss of sensation in the breast and nipple, as well as pain. They can sometimes result in excessive scarring and wrinkling.
  • Associated health problems. Some studies have found associations between breast implants and certain health conditions. Disturbingly, several studies have found an increased risk of alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicide in women with breast implants.
  • Surgical complications. Like any surgery, getting breast implants poses risks. Some women have surgical infections, bleeding, and swelling.

Better solution than breast implant surgery.

Brestrogen is highly effective for breast enlargement and is far better solution than breast implant surgery.

Brestrogen is a breast enhancement cream created for all those women who want to increase their breasts size naturally, without any side-effects. All you need to do is to apply 2-3 drops on your breasts and gently massage it in circular motion starting from nipple area all the way to your breast.

By using this cream two times daily (one in morning and in the evening) you’ll see noticeable lifting in your breasts in just 2-3 weeks, followed by a cup size increase in 6-7 weeks. Girls that used this cream for 5-6 months got up to two cup sizes increase in their breast.

Brestrogen got our attention, mainly because the main ingredient is Pueraria Mirifica, a plant called the “Elixir of youth”, that has many clinically proven rejuvenating and anti-aging properties, including breast enlargement, anti-wrinkle and alleviation of menopausal symptoms.

The cream is quickly and easily absorbed by the skin without messing your clothes. It also comes in discreet packaging so no one will know how you are getting bigger and firmer breasts week after week.

By using this cream you don’t need any expensive surgery, special exercises or a Pushup Bra. This cream is powerful enough to make your breast bigger, firmer and rounder.