¿Cuáles son los mejores suplementos para aumentar el conteo de espermatozoides?

bajo recuento de esperma es una de las principales causas de la infertilidad masculina. Sin embargo, no son los mejores suplementos para los hombres para aumentar el conteo de espermatozoides.

La gran importancia de conteo de espermatozoides para la fertilidad masculina.

El recuento de espermatozoides o recuento total de espermatozoides se refiere al número total medio de esperma presente en una muestra de semen. El recuento de espermatozoides es una de las varias cualidades que son evaluados durante el análisis rutinario de semen y se considera un factor importante para la fertilidad.

Un recuento de espermatozoides sanos es de 15 millones por mililitro (ml) o al menos 39 millones por muestra. Un espermatozoide título inferior a 10 millones por ml se considera anormal y comúnmente asociada con la infertilidad masculina.

Anything that impacts the hormones that control the production of sperm or acts as an anti-oxidant may aid the healthy development of sperm and help improve sperm count. Overall, factors that influence testosterone levels are thought to have the most significant impact on sperm number and quality.

The best supplements you can take to increase sperm count.

Infertility is a common problem, and millions of couples around the world are seeking solutions to it, ranging from drugs and medical procedures to Ayurvedic treatments and other natural approaches.

For those who want to give natural vitamins and supplements a try before relying on the wonders of modern medicine, here you will find six of the best vitamins and supplements that have been proven to increase sperm count and fertility:

1. Vitamin C. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C is known to improve sperm count by protecting sperm cells from damaging free radicals. It has also been found that lack of vitamin C causes the sperm cells to stick together which prevents their free movement.

2. Vitamin E. This is another antioxidant that protects your sperm cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. This means that the sperms stored in your epididymis will be higher in number, thus ensuring release of a higher number of sperm per milliliter of semen each time you ejaculate.

3. Vitamin B12. Considered to be a very important vitamin in providing you with more stamina to indulge in your sexual encounters, vitamin B12 is also considered to be necessary to increase your fertility. Deficiency of this vitamin reduces sperm motility and count.

4. L-carnitine. This is naturally-occurring amino acid that is considered to be important in sperm production. Studies have found that men with low sperm count tend to have low levels of this amino acid. Supplementation has been found to improve sperm count as well as sperm motility.

5. Zinc. Probably the most powerful of all minerals, as far as sexual health is concerned, is zinc. Lack of this essential mineral has been found to lead to lower levels of the male sex hormone, testosterone. It also increases semen volume and is one of the minerals necessary for the health of the prostrate gland, which releases various nutrients into the semen of men when they reach an orgasm.

6. Selenium. Selenium is a trace mineral that protects cells from oxidative damage and is helpful for sperm function and fertility. Selenium improves sperm formation, quantity, structure, quality, motility, and function.

The epididymis, the tube through which sperm pass from the testicle through the penis, needs selenium to function properly. Selenium deficiency has been linked to male infertility, while selenium supplementation in men has been shown to improve pregnancy rates.

Well, those are six vitamins and supplements needed by every man to improve his sperm count and fertility. However, it does not mean you should take six different products because this will be not practical.

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