Cómo retrasar la menopausia precoz con hierbas y verduras

Las mujeres no pueden evitar la menopausia oportuna, pero hay maneras de retrasar la menopausia temprana. Aquí están las maneras cómo retrasar la menopausia temprana con hierbas y verduras.


La menopausia es el periodo de la vida de una mujer cuando los ovarios dejan de liberar óvulos y el útero deja de producir y expulsar el revestimiento que se hace mensualmente para apoyar un óvulo fertilizado. Esto significa que el final de la menstruación mensual y una nueva serie entera de síntomas como los sofocos, cambios de humor y la sequedad vaginal.

La menopausia generalmente comienza a finales de los años 40 o principios de los años 50 para la mayoría de las mujeres. Sin embargo, algunas mujeres pueden experimentar la menopausia prematura ya en 35! Esa necesidad porque vida malsanas que interfieren con los niveles hormonales.

síntomas de la menopausia temprana.

It’s important to be alert to any early signs of menopause, such as hot flashes, insomnia, headaches, mood swings, dryness, diminished skin elasticity, and memory loss.

It’s also important to take special care of ourselves in order to delay early menopause and prevent menopausal symptoms.

The good news is that certain herbs and vegetables are rich in “phytoestrogens,” plant-based estrogen. They are an excellent natural hormone replacement that easily converts into estrogen in our body.

The ways how to delay early menopause with herbs and vegetables.

1. Eat your greens. We are sure that your doctor or someone has said this before. A diet rich in greens such as vegetables can help prevent menopause symptoms naturally. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and can help you feel full.

Therefore, large consumption of green is great for your overall body metabolism and function. Other than that, eating your greens can also help prevent a few number of diseases. One of the diseases it can help prevent would be the heart disease. This is important as the risk of getting a heart disease tends to increase after menopause.

2. Include herbs in your diet. Another natural substance that helps to delay early menopause is the herb wild yam (Dioscorea villosa).

Wild yam should not be confused with the yams that you might have in your kitchen. The wild yam is a different species known for its active ingredient diosgenin, which is a phytoestrogen. Diosgenin contains an ingredient similar to DHEA, a precursor to human sex hormones.

An East Indian traditional herb, wild yam has a long history of use for hormonal problems. Many pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women will use creams containing wild yam. Typically, only the roots are used when preparing creams, tinctures, and extracts.

Other herbs that can help you is black cohosh, skullcap, ginseng and red clover.

Proferia: a natural progesterone cream containing wild yam.

As explained above, wild yam is a highly beneficial herb to delay early menopause and treat the symptoms. But you might be wondering about where you can get the wild yam.

Well, do not be confused. Just buy Proferia cream! It is a safe, all-natural topical progesterone cream that can aid in restoring hormone balance and counter the effects of estrogen dominance.

Proferia contains a highly soluble wild yam extract as a base for its high absorption rate, as well as 500 mg of USP progesterone per ounce. It does not contain synthetic hormones, petroleum, lanolin, or other animal-derived ingredients.

Apply Proferia cream to your neck, breasts, inside the arms, etc. The amount needed is typically ¼ to ½ of a teaspoon daily.