Betydningen af ​​mandlig infertilitet test

Hvis du er en fyr, og din partner er ikke at blive gravid, skal du bruge en mandlig infertilitet test. Ca. 40% af fertilitetsproblemer er relateret til mandlige fertilitet.

Så tage ansvaret med et besøg hos din læge. Der er tests, du kan tage for at finde ud af, om du er ufrugtbar – og lære, hvad slags behandling du kan få.

Årsag til mandlig infertilitet.

Men før de går videre, kan du ønsker at vide årsagen til mandlig infertilitet. Nå, infertilitet hos mænd skyldes primært problemer, der påvirker sædproduktionen eller transportprocessen såsom:

  • Blokerede / fraværende sædlederen (rør).
  • Lav sperm nummer og / eller dårlig sædproduktion.
  • Høje antal af unormalt formede sædceller.
  • Svigt i sædproduktion.
  • Anti-sperm-antistoffer.
  • Sperm DNA-fragmentering.

In rare cases, a genetic disease such as cystic fibrosis or a chromosomal abnormality could affect male fertility. Some men may have more serious medical problems, such as low male sex hormones, or testosterone levels.

The most important male infertility test.

Semen analysis is the most important male infertility test, providing an accurate measurement of the number of sperm, their motility (ability to move), their morphology (size and shape), as well as the volume and consistency of the ejaculated sample.

It’s a simple test that tells us a lot about your fertility.

What is involved in a semen analysis?

You will be required to produce a semen sample by masturbation, after at least three days abstinence from sexual activity. You should collect the entire ejaculated amount in a clean, dry container (provided by your Fertility Specialist).

You can produce this sample in a private room at one of our clinics, or at home. If producing a sample at home, you or your partner will need to bring it in to the clinic within one hour.

The sample will be analyzed in andrology labs. If abnormalities are found, the test will be repeated to assess the type and degree of the problem, and whether it is a persistent feature.

How do you treat male infertility?

There are several medical ways to treat male infertility, they include Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Digital High Magnification, microsurgery and vasectomy reversal.

However, we know that not all men are ready to undergo a medical treatment. They might not be ready with the budget or are unprepared for the risks.

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