Álcool e fertilidade masculina são inimigos mortais

bebida ocasional álcool pode ser uma maneira agradável para relaxar e de-stress, mas em grandes quantidades pode realmente ameaçar a fertilidade masculina.

Para muitos de nós, o álcool é sinônimo de relaxamento – que muitas vezes desempenha um papel central em nossas atividades sociais e é frequentemente usada para nos ajudar a relaxar depois do trabalho. Mas, enquanto a bebida ocasional pode ser uma maneira agradável para relaxar e de-stress, em grandes quantidades, ele pode realmente ameaçar o desempenho sexual de um homem e suas chances de paternidade.

Na verdade, beber apenas cinco unidades de álcool por semana pode reduzir a qualidade do esperma de um homem. E quanto mais álcool consumido, mais fraca a qualidade do esperma. Homens de uma idade reprodutiva devem ser avisados ​​para orientar clara de beber habitual.

Como o álcool afeta a fertilidade masculina?

Alcohol can be extremely harmful to the male reproductive system. It is toxic to the testicles and affects the all-important cells that are involved in making sperm and producing the male hormone testosterone. It also seems to affect hormone production at the level of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain.

So not only does alcohol have a detrimental effect on the testicles themselves, it also upsets the delicate balance of hormones necessary for normal, healthy sperm production.

Alcohol and male fertility.

A recent large Danish study of 1221 healthy young men between the ages of 18-28 found that even modest drinking habits – as little as 5 drinks per week – can negatively affect the amount of sperm produced, the concentration of sperm per milliliter of semen, and the morphology of sperm (a measure of how well-formed the sperm are).

As you might expect, the more alcohol a person drinks regularly, the more serious the effects on sperm quality. The same study showed that the most significant impairment in sperm quality was found in men who regularly drank more than 25 drinks per week.

Alcohol and your hormones.

Drinking too much over a long period of time can also impact your testosterone production. When the key ingredient in alcohol, ethanol, is absorbed by your body, it lowers the amount of coenzyme NAD+, which is a crucial element in testosterone production.

Alcohol also damages your testosterone producing Leydig cells. While your alcohol consumption causes your testosterone to decrease, it also causes your estrogen to increase. This one-two punch is due to heavy alcohol consumption increasing aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen.

This decrease in testosterone and increase in estrogen can lead to erectile dysfunction and even testicular shrinkage.

Treating alcohol-related infertility.

Even if you’ve been drinking regularly, the effects of alcohol on sperm quality and male fertility can be reversed if a man stops drinking. In a study, after a male participant stopped drinking, a serious improvement in his sperm quality and sperm count was seen in just three months.

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