acasă căi de atac ușoare și naturale pentru menopauza

Multe femei care trec prin menopauza au simptome de disconfort si chiar dureroase. Deci, desigur, multe femei caută acasă căi de atac pentru menopauza.

Care sunt acasă căi de atac?

Bufeurile, oboseala si pierderea libidoului, sunt doar câteva dintre simptomele caracteristice menopauzei. acasă căi de atac sunt metode naturale pentru ameliorarea simptomelor menopauzei. Ei nu implica medicamente, doar schimbari in obiceiurile de stil de viață sau medii.

Home remedii pentru menopauza.

Spune simptomele menopauzei să se calmeze cu aceste remedii simple și naturale de origine:

  • Încercați să luați unele Cohosh negru. Acesta este un remediu extrem de popular pe bază de plante pentru simptomele menopauzei, inclusiv bufeuri. Mii de femei jur de aceasta, în timp ce unele studii au constatat că are un efect pozitiv asupra bufeuri.
  • Consume food filled with phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are plant oestrogens believed to have oestrogen-like effects on the body. You can find them in soy foods, lentils, chickpeas and kidney beans. Add some flaxseeds, chicory, endive and celery to your diet, too, as they contain a fibre called lignin which is a major phytoestrogen.
  • Practice mediation and yoga. Great to practice no matter what your age. Yoga is beneficial in relieving menopause symptoms while meditation can also be beneficial.

Look after your skin.

You need to know that you also need to look after your skin when treating menopause-related problems.

Dry skin is common during the menopause. A natural cream can help keep your skin stay supple. Try using a cream made from beneficial natural ingredient.

Proferia is the recommended cream to aid in relief from some of the most common symptoms of the menopause, including hot flushes, night sweats and low libido by helping to balance the body’s hormone levels.

The blend of natural ingredients in Proferia helps to contribute towards normal hormonal balance. Proferia contains a highly soluble wild yam extract as a base for its high absorption rate, as well as 500 mg of USP progesterone per ounce. It does not contain petroleum, lanolin, or other animal derived ingredients.

Apply the cream once daily to areas where your skin is thin, such as the neck, breasts, inside the arms etc.