Съвети за повишаване на мъжката плодовитост естествено

Когато става дума за зачеване на бебе, плодовитостта на жената е само част от уравнението. Ето защо това е добра идея да помогне за увеличаване на плодовитостта на мъжа.

Зачеването на бебе е за двама души начинание (дори и от страна на бременност е до вас). Мъж плодородие играе важна роля в процеса на вземане на бебето, също – в края на краищата, това са нужни двама, за да свърши работата!

За щастие, повишаване на плодовитостта на мъжкия не трябва да бъде трудно. Ние имаме няколко съвета, които ще помогнат да се гарантира оптимално бащински власт.

Три естествени начини за повишаване на мъжката плодовитост.

Около една трета от случаите на безплодие са резултат от по-малки от звездна качеството на спермата. Не се обезкуражавайте, просто все още все пак! Тези естествени начини може да направи огромна разлика в превръщането на сперматозоидите на мъжа в шампионски плувци.

1. Start cross-training. Not only is hitting the gym a few times a week great for overall health, it can also improve his sperm count.

Men who participated in moderate-to-vigorous activity at least 15 hours a week had 73 percent higher sperm concentration than men who moved less than five hours a week.

While any exercise that breaks a sweat is great, adding resistance training is even better. Lifting weights can increase testosterone levels and, big bonus here, aid in higher sperm concentration.

2. Do a 90-day detox. A man needs to start taking care of his body at least three months before he starts thinking about making babies. He should be free of anything that could hinder sperm production. The goal is to have a healthy environment from the start.

If he only cuts back on drinking, smoking or junk food, it won’t make much difference. But if he embraces an anti-inflammatory diet and an exercise routine on a daily basis, this will lead to healthy pregnancy.

3. Make like a Mediterranean. Maintaining a healthy weight ups a man chances to fertilize female egg. And while there are many ways to go about dropping pounds, his best bet is to follow the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes plant-based foods including whole grains, greens and nuts as well as fish and poultry.

Consume five to six servings of fruits and veggies every day. The man should eat across the color spectrum—from eggplants to strawberries—to get the most antioxidants. The products have to be low in pesticide residue, which can negatively affect sperm quality.

He’ll also need to cut back on processed meats, like bacon. One study showed that men who ate one to three servings per day had worse sperm quality. On the other hand, those who ate fish, especially fatty fish such as salmon, had 34 percent higher sperm count.

Is a supplement still needed?

There are no better ways for boosting male infertility than the above three natural ways. However, a man may still need to involve the use of supplement.

Taking a supplement is not a bad thing at all, especially if the supplement is made from natural ingredients. In order to improve male fertility, make sure to only choose a high quality product made by reputable manufacturer. The most obvious example is FertilityBlend for Men from Daily Wellness Company.

Taking FertilityBlend will further enhance a man’s baby-making ability. This supplement contains L-carnitine, dong quai, green tea, zinc, selenium, vitamins C and E, also B vitamins. They are all clinically proven ingredients to naturally increase the quality and number of sperms which a man produces.

Some ingredients in FertilityBlend are even antioxidants in nature which fight free radicals in the body while at the same time preventing hormonal imbalances.

For obtaining the best results from FertilityBlend for Men, a man needs to use the product for three months at the minimum.

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